Khater Salomon

Creating fun-filled sports activities that enhance wellness and empower individuals to maximize their physical capabilities is the objective of Khater Salomon, inventor of the patented Turn 2 Blue instructional devices and developer of the teaching method bearing the name of his product. Over the past 38 years he has successfully taught hundreds of students of all ages how to improve their skills in the sports of baseball, tennis and golf through methods supported by scientific and physiological studies and proven results in actual application.

Mr. Salomon is a former golf instructor at New Orleans’ Tulane University who currently offers instructional clinics at local senior facilities and to private individuals. His program and its patented physical apparatus works on the principle of color-coding to teach the proper swing techniques and motions in the sports for which these tools were designed: blue for the color of the sky and green for the color of the grass. When the swing motion is fully and properly completed, the green side faces down toward the grass and the blue side is facing the sky.

Turn 2 Blue has helped restore movement and coordination for stroke patients as well as develop and enhance those skills in children with autism or Down Syndrome. It has helped professionals as well as recreational sports enthusiasts improve their game. It can work for you too. “Discover the new YOU” with Turn 2 Blue!