Davlin Marshall, Sr.

Davlin Marshall, Sr. is the founder and director of Drive Performance, LLC. Davlin was born and raised in New Orleans. He graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology with certification of completion in Health Sciences.

While completing his undergraduate degree at Duquesne he was a member of the basketball team and also studied Physician Assistant courses.   Davlin worked for 5 years in the human service and mental health industry for various companies in Pittsburgh including the well-respected University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Davlin created Drive Performance in 2009 to promote health and wellness through physical training, sports performance and corporate wellness.  His major focus includes total body strength training with an emphasis on corrective exercises that stimulate brain activity via coordination.  His client population ranges from the age of 8-82 years old!

Drive Sports Performance is partnering with NOLA Brain and Behavior and with the Brain Institute of Louisiana to promote brain health through physical fitness training, public education, and innovative program development. The key objective here is to keep motivated and driven professionals connected and communicating within our dynamic network so that progression, growth and success are inevitable.

WEBSITE: Drive Sports Performance
Brain Institute of Louisiana