Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D.

After twenty years’ teaching experience at both high school and community college levels, Dr. Zadina became a cognitive neuroscientist. She bridges the fields of education and neuroscience through her work as a researcher, teacher, author, and international speaker.

She received her doctorate in the College of Education at the University of New Orleans, conducting her dissertation research on the neuroanatomy of dyslexia through collaboration with Tulane University School of Medicine. She continued her postdoctoral education with a Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Neurology at Tulane University School of Medicine where she researched neuroanatomical risk factors for developmental language disorders through MRI brain scans. She was an Assistant Professor at Tulane Health Sciences Center until relocating to Florida after Hurricane Katrina.

Working out of Florida, she focused on bringing credible research about the brain and learning, and the brain and language-learning to educators world-wide. Dr. Zadina also worked with scientists at the University of South Florida researching interventions for post-traumatic stress disorder. She now translates this research into research-based strategies for creating trauma-sensitive classrooms through keynotes and workshops. Her Butterfly Project provides free faculty development to school systems greatly impacted by natural disaster or violence.

Dr. Zadina was named a Fellow in the College Learning and Developmental Education Association and was honored with the Society for Neuroscience Science Educator Award for making significant contributions to education and raising awareness of neuroscience through her powerful conference presentations and transformational workshops.

She has given a TEDx talk and is the author of several books including Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain. She has recently moved back to New Orleans where she continues to give keynotes and workshops internationally.

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